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Pulse Damper

Pulse Damper
  • A system for accurate and stable analysis with elimination of pulsating flow of the pump from liquid chromatograph and FIA.
  • Inner capacity of the damper is designed in small size for ease of exchanging reagent.

Damper Use Sample

Pulsating flow is radically reduced down to 1/50 with the use of the damper.

  • Pump used : uf-7002SZ (Single Plunger Pump)
  • Damper used : PD0235P
  • Flow rate : 400μl/min
  • Ave. Pressure : 0.5MPa
  • Chart speed : 15mm/min


Pressure Resistance(MPa)22
Inner Capacity(ml)0.20.2
Liquid Contact Part MaterialSUS316,COPPEEK,COP
# of Piping Port22
Pipe Diameter(inch)1/16"1/16"
Size(mm) φ0.45x38 φ0.45x38
Pressure Resistance(MPa)2020
Inner Capacity(ml)1.21.2
Liquid Contact Part MaterialSUS316,PTFEPEEK,COP,PTFE
# of Piping Port22
Pipe Diameter(inch)1/16"1/16"
Size(mm) φ40x62 φ40x62
Pressure Resistance(MPa)35
Inner Capacity(ml)1.2
Liquid Contact Part MaterialSUS316,PTFE
# of Piping Port2
Pipe Diameter(inch)1/16"
Size(mm) φ40x47