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Micro Pump OEM Modules for Measuring

Micro Pump (Measuring Embedded)
  • An accurate, high resolution dispensing, measuring embedded micro pump using direct drive plunger method.
  • Widely used for precision measuring of very small amount of liquid, dispensing of reagents and serum, liquid feeding of very small amount of acid and alkali solution.
  • 7 types of capacity 27~5600μl and selection of combination of materials for liquid contact part are available for particular use.
* Some materials may not be applicable for certain capacity

Use Sample

use sample


PartMaterials on Liquid Contact Part
Pump Head PartClear Acryl, Clear Vinyl Chloride, Daifron, PEEK
Plunger PartZirconia, Sapphire, Almina
Seal PartPTFE
Piping Joint PartPolyacetal, PEEK, Daifron

Resolving Power of Micro Pump

Resolving Power


Dedicated Driver Circuit

  • A dedicated driver circuit to control the heat from the motor with high resolution dispensing
  • Running the motor in constant current drive with micro-steps

a driver pre-installed type

We also have a driver pre-installed type.

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