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Delivery Micro Pump OEM Modules

  • 42mm square motor installed liquid feeder embedded small and light weight micro pump.
    For feeding of very small amount of liquid to fast feeding in high accuracy with stepping direct drive motor.
  • Selections available: High pressure / high flow rate type capable of high pressure and flow speed, and All purpose type for general use
  • Allows the wide use of acid/alkali solution to organic solvent with apt selection of the materials on liquid contact part.
* Some materials may not be applicable for certain capacity


PartMaterials on Liquid Contact Part
Pump Head PartSUS316, PEEK
Plunger PartZirconia, Sapphire, Almina
Seal PartTeflon
Others PartSapphire, Ruby, PEEK, COP

* Pump head material is exchangeable with titanium or Daifron.
Please inquire for detail.

High pressure / high flow rate type

High pressure, high speed resisting drive type using a ball screw on the drive


All Purpose Type

High cost performance type with use of a trapezoidal screw on the drive


Dedicated Driver Circuit

  • A dedicated driver circuit to control the heat from the motor with high resolution dispensing
  • Running the motor in constant current drive with micro-steps